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International business &

Economic development



Promoting economic diplomacy through the attraction of foreign direct investment, promotion of trade resources, and development of strategic partnerships to further Atlanta's economic brands and opportunity

Ecosystem Development

Connecting, empowering, and promoting the micro business and startup ecosystem of Atlanta to provide pathways to prosperity

ENhance city experience

Elevating Atlanta's brand and experience to retain and attract global talent



The Mayor's Office of International and Immigrant Affairs (MOIIA)  supports Atlanta-based companies that wish to expand globally as well as foreign companies interested in establishing their operations in Atlanta. With more than 2,600 foreign-owned enterprises in the metro area, MOIIA supports those based in the City of Atlanta with their ongoing needs and expansion plans. 

Global Commerce

trade promotion

Metro Export Challenge 
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Women Export University 
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The Atlanta Metro Export Challenge (Atlanta MEC) is a year-long program helping metro Atlanta businesses expand globally. Since its launch in 2016, it has aided over 120 companies with $700,000+ in financial support and counseling. Supported by economic development partners and the local business community, it's a major regional initiative. Selected companies get a $5,000 grant for international business expenses, along with tailored mentorship for global growth strategies.

MOIIA is a partner in the Metro Export Challenge program that aims to foster and showcase the entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and global ambition within Atlanta's economic landscape. ​

The Women Export University is a capacity building program that equips entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and resources to become globally competitive and increase the participation of women-owned businesses in international trade. The Women Export University curriculum includes virtual workshops, one-on-one consultations, insights and training on export strategies, tools and resources to enter new markets, insights on how to build an export-friendly digital presence, and guidance on package flow and preparing export shipment.

Women Export U is a partnership between the MOIIA and UPS. It aims to increase the participation of women-owned business in exporting, and create more opportunities for women entrepreneurs to achieve economic equality.

Business Consultation

Ongoing Initiatives

Doing business in the city

Welcome to Atlanta, a diverse and vibrant city with open arms for global businesses. Whether you're an international corporation looking to invest, a small business seeking to expand, or an individual pursuing the American dream, MOIIA is here to guide you through the city's regulatory landscape and connect you with essential resources. 


MOIIA supports inbound and outbound trade missions for companies interested in exploring international business opportunities. During these missions, local and national economic development agencies meet to promote bilateral trade and investment, as well as cooperation around exchanges of best practices. The MOIIA team has traveled to Colombia, Spain, Brazil, Canada, and the Netherlands to position Atlanta as a global hub for investment, innovation, diplomacy, culture and tourism.

RICE + RAP Pacifico (regional development authority) sign MOU to continue collaboration.JP

trade Conferences

MOIIA attends various international conferences throughout the year to discuss international exchanges, business, and innovative projects. In 2019, MOIIA attended conferences in the Netherlands, Spain, and Canada.


The Mayor’s Office of International and Immigrant Affairs has compiled a list of Federal, State and local resources to ensure that Atlanta businesses have access to the necessary tools and resources to be competitive in the global market.



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Ecosystem development

Connecting, empowering, and promoting the micro business and startup ecosystem of Atlanta to provide pathways to prosperity

Global Positioning

Empower Businesses

MOIIA engages with foreign investors and companies exploring U.S. expansion, ensuring they're informed about Atlanta's investment potential. Our focus areas include offering educational resources, lowering barriers for micro business development, and enhancing accessibility to key business ecosystems.

Business resources

MOIIA is dedicated to providing valuable resources for businesses seeking growth and development. We actively engage with entrepreneurs and companies, offering a comprehensive suite of business resources. Whether it's access to educational materials, guidance on navigating regulatory frameworks, or fostering connections within key business networks, MOIIA is committed to lowering barriers and enhancing accessibility for businesses to thrive.


Ecosystem Spotlight

Global Connections

MOIIA actively participates in fostering global connections and advancing key initiatives. Our objective for our events is to act as catalysts for trade missions and successfully eliminate obstacles to international connections.


Enhance city experience

Elevate Atlanta's global appeal with a focus on enhancing the city's livability, vibrancy, and international culture. Our commitment to retaining and attracting top talent is at the heart of this exciting transformation

Global Connectivity

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